Giving you the keys to the castle

The first key on your key ring: Persistence

Be persistent, be successful. This goes for anything you do in life, especially trading commodities. The early bird truly gets the worm.

As a broker, if you hold up a document or you don’t follow up on an offer or lead right away, someone else who is being more persistent than you will close the deal before you do. This is why it is imperative to work with other brokers who are persistent just like you. After you finish vetting out a new offer, send it out right away! Don’t wait for tomorrow as by then the deal could already be gone.

I think it’s important to mention at this point how imperative it is to keep good relationships not only with other brokers, but with your end buyers/sellers. Get comfortable enough where you have more than just their skype contact details, get their mobile phone number and call them on it occasionally but only when you have something really important to discuss or offer.

If you haven’t heard from a broker that has sent you good offers in a while, send them a friendly email asking if they have anything new. This is good advice for not only a broker but a buyer as well.

As a closing point for this post, I want to say something that is very well known to all you brokers out there. There are plenty of buyers out there, a lot of them are real people with real money to burn. However, there are far fewer real sellers that use the same channels that you are to get your buyers. Real end buyers and sellers only deal with people they already know. This is where the persistence comes in: keep trying to build relationships with the right kind of people and eventually the deals will close themselves.