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A fairly recent viral video made by a young man by the name of Gary Turk that is still doing the rounds on social media sites does bring up some interesting points. The imagery and poetry of the video are clear and very well done. The overall message being...Read More »

Back to basics

Social Media Optimization or SMO for short, is quickly becoming the most effective tool in any company’s marketing toolbox. The intrinsic value of connecting with your new and existing customers using different social media networks is obvious. From promoting new and existing products to effectively expanding your current client base,...Read More »

Where is it all going?

Is SMO the beginning of the end for traditional SEO practices such as link exchange?


It seems that way!


About a year ago, Google rolled out its new Panda algorithm in an effort to move away from traditional indexing metrics such as PageRank and increase the position of higher quality content websites...Read More »

On to the next

Getting your customers to “Like” your Facebook page, follow you on Twitter and +1 you on Google plus is essential. Make sure you have plenty of opportunities for them to do these actions on your website by adding buttons in many strategic areas.

After getting started with Facebook, Twitter and Google+...Read More »

What do you say?

Like SMO?
Hate SMO?
Use SMO?
Never used SMO?
Want to know more about SMO?
Know more than me about SMO?

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How do I get started!

By now you should have a good understanding of the basics of SMO and the hows and whys relating to helping your business grow.

You could do it yourself.

You could utilize one of your existing employees to handle your SMO.

You could hire a Digital Marketing Company to handle your SMO.

You could...Read More »

Why SMO?

Social Media Optimization is a great way to find new customers and to stay connected to those customers to ensure repeat business.

Letting your customers hear your voice makes them feel closer to their service provider.
More connection with customers = Happier customers
Happier customers = Positive reviews
Positive reviews =...Read More »

Where to begin??

So where do all the pieces to the puzzle fit in? And what piece do we glue down first?

Start with the basics. Facebook and Twitter alone could potentially put you in touch with millions of new customers so they are a great place to start. Getting the right kind of...Read More »

When do I get rich using SMO?!

Okay, let me first say that there is no magic bullet for success in business. But with SMO you have a great opportunity to get your products and services seen by as many people in as many places all around the world that you could possibly want. If that doesn’t...Read More »

What's going on here?

So by now you may be saying to yourself, “SMO sounds great but what in the heck is SMO, really though?”

To answer this question as straight forward as possible, SMO is the utilization of various Social Networks to connect a company with new and existing customers in an effort to...Read More »

Who are you?

With the power of SMO you can reach your targeted demographic with the greatest of ease.

Considering the wealth of information collected by social networks on their users, targeting the right crowd has never been easier.

The important thing to remember here is not only that you can connect with new and...Read More »

The W's of SMO

One of the main purposes of this blog will be to go through the W questions of SMO.

These are some of the questions you may be asking yourself as you consider using SMO as one of the tools in your marketing toolbox.

Who can I reach with SMO?
Who should be...Read More »

Social Media Optimization - Digital Marketing at its most effective

As a business owner you always want to be able to connect with the people who are purchasing your products and/or services. There is simply no better way to do this other than through Social Media. More and more people use the internet to find their products and services. Don’t...Read More »