Where is it all going?

Is SMO the beginning of the end for traditional SEO practices such as link exchange?


It seems that way!


About a year ago, Google rolled out its new Panda algorithm in an effort to move away from traditional indexing metrics such as PageRank and increase the position of higher quality content websites in the SERPs. Shortly after roll out, Social Networking sites saw a huge increase in rankings. This goes to show you that the more people looking at your content, the more relevant Google’s algorithm deems that content thereby giving you better search results. All-in-all it is a pretty simple formula for a successful marketing strategy. As we have already spoken at length about, implementing that strategy may not be so simple.

Search Engine Marketing Pros around the globe are going to have to start changing the way they do business very soon if they want to keep up with the most effective technologies in this industry. Even the guy with the whitest hat will have to hang it up and move on to the SMO world. And we will welcome him in with open arms!