Who are you?

With the power of SMO you can reach your targeted demographic with the greatest of ease.

Considering the wealth of information collected by social networks on their users, targeting the right crowd has never been easier.

The important thing to remember here is not only that you can connect with new and existing customers easier, but that they can connect with you as well. The concept of Brand Reputation Management has never been more important considering a company’s exposure to both existing and potential customers across many social media platforms.

Another important “Who” question that comes to mind is: Who should be handling your SMO?
The answer is fairly straight forward: someone who is passionate about Social Media.

Whoever is going to be handling your SMO needs to be constantly interacting with various Social Media outlets several times a day. This alone is very time consuming. Interacting with Social Media means writing relevant content that is both interesting and keeps up with current social media trends. So your SMO guy or gal will have to be very familiar with both the products and/or services your company has on offer and the demographics that your company targets.

Writing compelling content, being familiar with demographics, posting on social media websites constantly; sounds easy! Well, passion is not something you can teach. If whoever you hire or designate to handle your social media does not feel passionate about it, you are treading in very rough waters. Passion can truly mean the difference between a boomingly successful Social Media campaign and a mediocre or failed campaign. A passionate storyteller that knows how to engage readers, that is your guy(or gal).