What’s going on here?

So by now you may be saying to yourself, “SMO sounds great but what in the heck is SMO, really though?”

To answer this question as straight forward as possible, SMO is the utilization of various Social Networks to connect a company with new and existing customers in an effort to increase business productivity and maintain a healthy ROI for the company’s marketing strategy.

By connecting with more and more people on Social Networks such as Google+, Facebook and Twitter you will get more eyes on your webpage, your products and your services. You are also creating loads of relevant content, most of which search engines like Google, Yahoo and Bing can find and index. The more relevant content you create, the better your search engine ranking is, the easier and easier it is for new customers to find you!

This is not something that happens overnight. You must create a conversation in the minds of your potential customers. You must work hard to earn their trust.