When do I get rich using SMO?!

Okay, let me first say that there is no magic bullet for success in business. But with SMO you have a great opportunity to get your products and services seen by as many people in as many places all around the world that you could possibly want. If that doesn’t increase your bottom line then there are possibly other areas in your company that need attention.

A company with a great marketing department but sub-standard sales and customer service will not be as successful as a company where the opposite is true. That equation may not always balance out but lets just remember that a marketing department is only as strong as its company’s reputation allows it to be. This gets back to the concept of Brand Reputation Management. If you allow one area of your company to falter, it could bring the whole ship down.

As it is said: If one leaf falls, autumn has come to the celestial empire.

Getting back to the question at hand, you could potentially see results within the first month of a well structured and well executed SMO campaign. After a few weeks, you should be targeting tens of thousands of new potential clients and getting exposure that will only increase exponentially. As I said, if this isn’t getting you more business, you may want to take another look at how your offering of products and services is presented.