Where to begin??

So where do all the pieces to the puzzle fit in? And what piece do we glue down first?

Start with the basics. Facebook and Twitter alone could potentially put you in touch with millions of new customers so they are a great place to start. Getting the right kind of exposure on those networks can be tricky and take constant upkeep and maintenance. There are certain Twitter Enhancement Services that could net you tens of thousands of followers in less than a week. These techniques can also be applied to other social networks.

Getting loads of Twitter followers, Facebook friends and Google+ circles is all fine and dandy, but if you don’t maintain your relationships, you will start to lose them.

A good example is Lady Gaga who recently surpassed 20 million followers on twitter making her the Queen of Twitter. How did she get more followers than anyone else on Twitter? Simple, she participates. She tweets several times a day. She pays attention to her followers. She operates her own twitter account. She is setting the example that not only other celebrities should follow, but businesses as well.

After getting a good start on Facebook, Twitter and Google+, you could then get started with some of the other social networks such as Tumblr, Delicious, Foursquare and even Squidoo!