So you want to get involved with commodities trading, eh?

The commodities market has always been a great alternative to trading on the OTC stock market. What this article will discuss is trading physical commodities such as gold, diamonds and fuel products. The real focus will be acting as an intermediary or facilitator in physical commodities transactions. I mention the...Read More »

Stop chasing the dream and educate yourself

In this business you are your own worst enemy. If you want to be successful in the fuel business, you need to put your ego aside and be as transparent as you can. If you don’t believe in the end user that you happen to be close to, even if...Read More »

Reputation: Your most important asset

If you have been following this blog or my posts on LinkedIn, you know I am a big advocate for educating my fellow intermediary. The better prepared we all are, the more likely we all are of being successful. Current trade techniques and regulations as well as the proper etiquette...Read More »

Possibly the most important key on the ring: Humility

A few weeks ago, I was on a skype call with an associate of mine discussing African gold deals. In a nutshell he was telling me that I have to get one of my African contacts to travel with gold to his refinery without issuing a financial instrument and without...Read More »

Another key on your key ring for success: Due Diligence

If you are a broker, the first thing that might come to mind when you hear the term Due Diligence or DD for short, is a process that a buyer and seller go through to check up on each other and verify the existence of their prospective products or funds...Read More »

Giving you the keys to the castle

The first key on your key ring: Persistence

Be persistent, be successful. This goes for anything you do in life, especially trading commodities. The early bird truly gets the worm.

As a broker, if you hold up a document or you don’t follow up on an offer or lead right away,...Read More »